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New Homer Glen Real Estate Website

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I started the site for Homer Glen homes for sale a couple of months ago with a new website provider and wasn’t happy with them.  Switched to a different provider but then switched up another site to that provider instead.  Checked out the original site provider, who seemed to have improved their offerings, and am back.  Unfortunately, all of my prior work had to be cut and pasted into the new (again) format.  There is still a slight glitch I’m working on with them but nothing serious and hopefully it will be fixed soon.

Homer Glen homes for sale screenshot

Check out the Homer Glen real estate and lifestyle website and see how fun it is to use. The home page has a little bit of everything you’d need if you were interested in this popular village.  There’s a bunch of pages for buyers and sellers with really helpful information.  There are some featured Homer Glen homes for sale with large photos.  To the right is a Quick Search box and underneath is a list of pre-done home searches by price, followed by the most recent blog posts.  The footer has contact information, social media links and real client testimonials.

The site isn’t just for real estate.  There are Homer Glen lifestyle posts in the blog that will help residents and anyone thinking of moving to Homer Glen, IL.

If you’re interested in Homer Glen real estate this is the site you want to be on.  The advanced search is great and the results are better than a site I checked out costing thousands.  You get so much detail on each listing that all that’s next is setting an appointment to see the house if it’s something you’re interested in.  You’ll get all the interior details such as rooms and their sizes.  Each listing tells you everything you’d want to know if you’re interested in buying and/or selling Homer Glen real estate.

There are pre-made searches already created and the ability for buyers to sign-up for automated searches that will be sent directly to their e-mail – no missing your dream Homer Glen home.  For sellers, they can get a free home evaluation by filling out a short form.

You can spend hours on this website and come back for more – it’s that good with everything you need if you’re interested in Homer Glen real estate and/or lifestyle.

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April Favorites 2013

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There were a lot of posts for April about real estate in the southwest suburbs.  Following are some of my favorites for the month:

Homer Glen Homes

Energy rebate available for Homer Glen homesDid you know that owners of Homer Glen homes can apply for an energy rebate up to $1,750?  Check it out to see if you could save some cash with a rebate plus making your home more energy efficient.

Here is a great blog post that tells you how to search for Homer Glen homes for sale.  There are multiple ways to search on this website created just for Homer Glen, IL.

Finally, there are two easy ways to see all of the newest homes in Homer Glen listings.  You’ll see about a week’s worth of new listings in the popular village without having to do a search.  This search will update itself automatically, so you’ll want to bookmark it to see what’s new.

Orland Park Homes

We’ve been busy with our new Orland Park real estate website.  To start it off, here is a snapshot of Orland Park real estate statistics for 2012.

When you’re searching for homes in Orland Park, the Property Organizer will help you separate and organize different searches you’ve created, making it easy for you to keep track of your multiple searches.

There is a fun new search called the Orland Park Lifestyle search and there’s a couple ways to access it.  Find out where different things are located, which might help you decide where you’d prefer to live in the village.  This map search is more interactive than other online maps.  Give it a try!

I love posting real estate statistics for my main service areas.  These hyper-local stats don’t always match what you read online, in the news or magazines or see on TV.  Check out some true and recent statistical comparisons of Orland Park homes and time on market.

April was a wet month and gave us two meanings for Orland Park homes underwater.  An accompanying post is all about Orland Park short sales.  Each of these articlesOrland Park short sales sign explains short sales and gives a link to see all short sale homes in Orland Park.  The list updates itself so is another search to bookmark and come back to so you can keep up-to-date on short sale homes currently available.  Most offer good value but you need to be very patient if you want to make an offer on one.

Northern Virginia and Washington D.C. has a hot real estate market and a local agent created a funny rap video about it. How does that compare to Orland Park real estate?

Oak Lawn Real Estate

I grew up in Oak Lawn starting at the age of 10.  I show and sell a lot of Oak Lawn homes, but it was fun selling a home in my old neighborhood.  In fact, it was the exact same style as the home I lived in and it was interesting to see how accurate my memory was.



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I’m going to start putting links to my favorite blog posts from the prior month.    I have multiple blogs and would like to share some of them.

Homer Glen Real Estate and News

There’s a new website for Homer Glen real estate and lifestyle and here are some of the posts for March:

Orland Park Real Estate and News

  • See how Orland Park real estate compared in the amount of single family homes sold  in 2012 to the other top 5 southwest suburbs – click here.

Oak Lawn Real Estate Success Story

  • There have been some successful posts of Oak Lawn homes sold and closed.  Click the link for one of them.

General Real Estate News

  • There was quite an online outrage about the real estate agent sued over his IDX feed. 
  • One of my favorite blogs was about debunking the 20/20 expose on real estate tricks of the trade.  You just can’t believe everything you see or read, and these supposed exposes always put a spin on things that aren’t necessarily reality. As far as real estate articles, many things real estate related are different from one location to another – so general nationwide information doesn’t always apply to every state, town or local real estate board.


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I am always excited when our real estate board puts up the year-to-date stats for the full year before.  It usually happens sometime in close-up of Orland Park real estate sales statisJanuary and I visit the site every day until those stats are in.

Since many are saying we have already hit bottom, it is very interesting for me to see how real estate sales activity and prices are by comparing them to the prior year.  Of course, it is technically a year behind and we won’t really know how 2013 compares, except on a month-to-month basis (we do get year-to-date figures with each new month), but to me it helps to see how my business is heading.

Here are charts for all real estate sales statistics from 2005-2012 for the two main towns I work in:

Homer Glen real estate sales statistics

Orland Park real estate sales statistics

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Orland Park real estate results in GoogleThere’s been a lot of talk about Google changing their search engine algorithm, although I thought it happened within the past year.  I check my organic search positions often for keywords I have worked on with my main website covering the southwest Chicago suburbs I work in, such as Orland Park homes.  I’ve always had top ranking for that village but I noticed I was #1, above Trulia and a few other of the big real estate portals.  Today, with my Google account logged in (I prefer to check serps being logged out) I am back down to #3.  So I guess things are still fluctuating.

However, I took a big jump with Homer Glen homes, right underneath a local agent that has had the top spot since I changed my service area after moving to the Homer Glen/Orland Park area over a year ago.  I had been hovering around 5th-7th position, between the local site and the big real estate portals.  I was really happy to see that.

I’ve already had 1st page results for many other area keywords and although I’d like #1 position for Homer Glen homes, I can start working on some of the other towns I work in.  Supposedly, Google is dropping sites that are over optimized and trying to put sites on top that offer updated and ever-changing information, which is what I offer with my websites and blogs.  The big guys pay big bucks to get their sites optimized for specific area keywords and I don’t feel they put the love into their websites that local real estate agents do.  So many buyers and sellers don’t realize that when they sign up for these big portals, their information then gets sold to real estate agents that pay for leads.

I suggest that buyers and sellers settle on local real estate websites with agents that live and work in the area.  The other problem with the big portals is that they don’t keep their data up-to-date.  But that’s another post for another day.

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The Homer Glen real estate sales stats have been updated for Homer Glen homes, condos and townhomes.

  • More Homer Glen single family homes were sold in 2011 vs. 2010 showing an increase of 8.6%.
  • Average sale prices for single family homes dropped 5.8%.
  • Sales of attached properties (Homer Glen townhomes and condos) jumped 142.9%!
  • Unlike single family homes, attached properties showed an average price increase of 8.9%.

Condos have been hit hard lately and condos rarely outperform single family sales, but they sure did in Homer Glen.  Click this link – Homer Glen real estate sales stats – to see how sales have gone since 2005.

If you’re interested in property in Homer Glen give Judy Orr a call at 708-536-8200.


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I just wrote a contract for a Homer Glen home so hopefully if this gets accepted there will be one less house on the market.  As it stands, as of today’s date there are 182 single family Homer Glen homes for sale.  Click the link and you’ll see all of the listings without having to create a search.  They are separated by price range.

The lowest priced home is a “totally remodeled” 3 bedroom, 2 bath ranch priced at only $129,900.  Sounds like a bargain but I haven’t shown this and it is a short sale.

Homer Glen homes
On the other end of the spectrum, I love checking out the highest price house (pictured above), which is a 5 bedroom, 7 bath house priced at $1,250,000.  This was an interesting listing – it was originally listed in 2010 at a price of $1,150,000 and was on the market for 169 days.  Looks like this seller isn’t following pricing trends because while houses are depreciating around them, they feel their house has gone up in value.  It was put back on the market in July 2011 at a higher list price of $1,190,000 and since they couldn’t sell it for that they increased the price in November to $1,250,000.  What?!  It has been on the market for 219 days since the second listing for a total market time of 388 days without a reduction – just a price increase.  Good luck to those sellers!

I’m not sure sellers realize that buyers can see this listing history.  In fact, since it is deemed public knowledge it appears readily on many nationwide real estate portals.  Buyers don’t even have to have an agent access the MLS to find this stuff out.

If you are thinking of buying and/or selling in 2012 give Judy Orr a call at 708-536-8200 or shoot me an e-mail.

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3rd Quarter 2011 Stats in for Homer Glen

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Click the link to read about 3rd Quarter Real Estate Sales Stats for Homer Glen Homes, comparing 2011 to 2010 figures.  There is good news and Homer Glen homes sales statsbad news.

The good news is that the volume of sales was up by a healthy double digit figure.  It’s always a positive indicator when more people are buying than in the past – more activity will help clear out the overloaded inventory.

The bad news is that prices dropped, but at least the drop was in the single digits, unlike some other southwest suburbs.  We don’t like to see these constant price drops, but this means value is still there for buyers, especially with our current interest rates.  What many buyers don’t realize is that even at a lower price, higher interest rates might mean a higher monthly mortgage payment vs. today’s prices with these super low rates.  I wrote a post about home buyers getting off the fence that shows some actual examples.

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